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Pocket Friendly

90$ / 80€

This is a reduced price. It supports partially covering our costs. We hope & trust that giving throughout our global economy will balance to bring sustainability to this project.

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120$ / 108€

This sustains our work and the resources invested in the festival. It creates balance between giving and receiving.

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Pay it


Invest in our mission to make NVC more inclusive and accessible to a variety of people from different backgrounds and economies through our NVC Rising Grants.

150$ / 135€

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Togetherness: Sponsor


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200$ / 180€

A ticket for yourself + Support a scholarship for someone else to attend the festival

• Festival ended - all ticket types include access to recorded content •

Group Ticket


Are you part of an NVC practice group and want to join the festival together?

Or you would just like to invite your family / friends to experience the sessions together?

We are able to offer you a group discount.

scholarships / Flexible pricing


Apply for part or full scholarship. We would like for all people to join no matter their financial situation. We also care for the sustainability of the whole project, so please apply if you need and be mindful to contribute what you can to sustain the project. We do not want money to be a barrier.

Past Scholarship recipient writes:


“[It is] really indescribable how much this experience touched and touches me, me, how vital and important it is to me, to life, how much this rare opportunity moves and inspires me. It is really something that was previously unimaginable to me.


A dream. A dream. I really want to thank you for making something accessible also online, during the pandemic, and for different people from different places and conditions on the planet. Thank you for the chance of being with you, together, co-existing with you, with all of you.”

Thanks to your support, we were able to give over 500 scholarships in the previous 2 festivals. This time, we hope we can top this number.


Why do we offer the option to directly sponsor another participant who can’t afford it ?

As our global community is based in a variety of economies, the value of money is different for each of us. In creating this festival, we would like to keep this awareness in mind and to find a creative way to deal with the privilege gap those from different economies and socio-economic backgrounds are living with on a daily basis.


We recognize that for many people within a large number of wide, active, and resilient NVC communities around the world, the festival’s ticket prices are out of reach and not in line with their local economic situation.

This is why we offer you the chance to directly sponsor another participant. Select the special ticket - we will match you up with someone who applied for a scholarship!

Apply to be sponsored

You are welcome to apply here for a discounted/voucher ticket, in case your local economy is not compatible with our pricing range, your personal situation does not enable you to pay the ticket price, or if, in your country, it is not possible for you to hold a credit card or to own any online payment account.

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