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In addition to all the NVC trainers & activists,

There are around 50 people behind each festival and event we are creating. 



Shachar dagan

Co-Founder / Producer / Festival Technology 

Sha is a co-founder of NVC Rising and a fan of it :)

A devoted student in the university of life.

Practitioner of the Grinberg Method, a clown, a Nonviolent Communication enthusiastic, an ex-software developer, an explorer of new worlds and above all curious as a cat. 

Shahar met NVC in a ‘war’ context in Israel-Palestine and was immediately captured by it’s ability to bring understanding, compassion, self-care and eventually even bring peace between so called ‘enemies’.



Co-Founder / Producer

Goni is a co-founder of NVCRISING, a digital leading global initiative for promoting the widespread and inclusivity of NVC (nonviolent communication).


She is a Graduate of the Directors program at Sam Spiegel film and Television School, Jerusalem, currently working on her first feature documentary "Beyond the land".


For the past 15 years, Goni took a leading role in various change-making initiatives in Israel and Palestine, amongst them co managing EcoME center.


Before she began her career in filmmaking, Goni worked as a journalist(Tel Aviv), was a fellow of "Mechon Hadar" (NYC), an intern at "Just Vision" and a fellow of the Israeli Palestinian program "The New Story Leadership for the Middle East" (Washington DC).



Co-Founder / Art Director / Producer

Racheli Zohar is a painter, educator, and activist.

She loves being with children, spending time in nature, gardening, writing, and taking time to connect inwardly and with others.

She teaches Yoga and NVC and the places where they intersect with community building and Nonviolent Action.


Before working on the NVC Rising Initiative, Racheli was working for her local town as a community organizer, youth counselor, and NVC teacher, as well as organizing NVC Events and retreats in the West Bank.

She has been involved in nonviolent action and education stemming from the practice of NVC and the teachings of yoga philosophy for the past 11 years, co-leading several projects.

Racheli has worked for the Peres Peace Center as well as Tel Hay Historic Museum. 

She has been an educator in formal and informal Jewish education for over 15 years, mostly  with the 1st to 4th grades.

She has translated two academic books from English to Hebrew in the field of Jewish Humanist Philosophy.

Racheli is a graduate of The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art, and The Art Students League of New York. 

She lives in a self-made round home with her partner Francis, son Theobe, two dogs, and five chickens.


Emma Buggy

Empathy Cafe Coordinator & Co Producer

Emma is a CNVC candidate for certification and the founder of Empath-Art, an online service for personal and relationship support with a basis in NVC (nonviolent communication) consciousness. 


She is director of the NVC Rising “Global Empathy Cafe” project, an initiative which aims to make empathy accessible to the world. She is also a co-producer of the 2021 NVC Rising festival.


Emma’s journey into communication and self expression is influenced by her 12 year investigation into sculptural and performance art, where she brought personal and communal activism and creative expression to the  streets and schools of London, Jerusalem and Aegina (Greece).



Henner Bruch

Festival Technology / Co-Producer

After school I studied Sports Technology in Vienna Austria and Canberra (Australia).

I then travelled through Southeast Asia and got inspired by Buddhist and Yogic Philosophy leading to many insight mediation retreats and a yoga teacher education in India.

I am fascinated by the body mind connection exploring new pathways through yoga, dance, animal flow and other movement cultures.

Non-Violent communication is a strong pillar of my daily life & work and transformed the relationship to myself and everybody around me profoundly.

Being involved in NVCRISING since the first festival and as of 2021 being part of the core team I am fascinated, inspired and excited to help spread this wonderful tool to as many people as possible.

My 3-year old daughter and partner bring a lot of joy, lightness and happiness into my life, which fills me with gratitude.


Greta Tattelman Parnes 

Production Team and Western Hemisphere Coordination

Greta is currently living in the United States in her childhood home, full of gratitude for the ability to have traveled for five years and have a stable home for the last one. After working and living with children with special needs and then working in a living community with the NVC Rising founders in Israel/Palestine, her latest work has been as a Scuba Diving Instructor and she can't wait to live under the sea again! Even the fish are grateful for nonviolent communication.


Special Thanks To:

Christina weidt

Roberta Wall

Katie BAxter

Tal Rath


Lila Gal

Robert Maoz Kržišnik

Kirsten Kristensen

Maria Arpa

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