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Pie chart of different components of the ticket price

Bringing nvc to more people around the world

*This pie chart reflects attendance of 1,000 paying participants. 

We value transparency and open conversation. That's why we wish to bring to life the subject of money, and how it lives for our festival.


In preparation for each festival, each of us in the core team is contributing around 630 hours to make this happen! This would be the equivalent of 4 months of intense work days, in addition to countless hours of others whom we hire.


The costs of each NVC Global Rising Festival are extensive, roughly around $50,000. Included are: trainers fee, graphic design, written translation, live translation, web hosting, digital services we consume, marketing, video editors, empathy cafe, email and registration helpers (being in contact with 3000 people that have questions), payment to the wider production team, social media fairies, live tech support team.


- The 3 core production team members take the risk of investing much time and energy with no reimbursement  or sustainability guaranteed.

- Funds potentially “earned” by each festival are also used for investment in future Global Rising festivals and wider initiatives.

- We are donating 10% to local NVC initiatives.

- We plan to invest time during 2021 to develop a financial and organizational model that is most life-serving and deeply aligned with our NVC worldview. We will be updating any developments and new conclusions here in this page.


  • We are working hard to keep the cost for participation tickets as low as we can.

  • In this October festival we offered 250 partial or full scholarships.

  • If you can’t afford a full ticket or any payment at all, please do contact us today at or here. We want everyone who wishes to join to be welcomed no matter their economic situation.

Support us in making this sustainable and hence - future festivals possible!

Do you have any questions or want to know more? Contact us!

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