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We are a grassroots initiative! Your support in donations is celebrated and appreciated. Every little bit supports us to create  more events, platforms like this that give wings to an NVC oriented consciousness. 

See our vision and financial transparency 

The costs of bringing this production to life are vast. We are committed to raising awareness on social media around NVC year round, and to continuing to develop more ways to meet, engage, and leverage NVC into direct action for social change world wide. 
Financial support will directly impact our ability to do so, every amount helps.
Thank you from all our hearts!

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Support monthly - NEW - Become a NVC Ambassador:
Become a supporter of NVC Rising's vision on a monthly basis.
This helps us keep our focus on doing more and less on finding financial support.
Monthly donations can be cancelled at any time.



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Option 1:

Support us through sponsoring our work on a monthly basis. This helps us do more and focus less on financial aspects.

3% raised

4 supporters contributing
$45 out of $1000 monthly goal achieved

10% of the funds go back to the global NVC community through our grants applicants and donations to CNVC.

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