the Empathy Cafe!

The  Global  Empathy Cafe intention is to co-create a safe  and warm space, where you can login and join our dedicated team of facilitators and giraffes who are waiting to receive you and listen.

   Once you enter the cafe you will have the choice of either speaking to one of our volunteer empathic listeners, practicing your empathy skills in a sharing exchange with another participant or joining the community atmosphere in the lounge room for a chat or a cup of tea. Sometimes we will hold smaller listening circles in the main room or the lounge room depending on the community needs.


What is the Empathy cafe for?

   A space for weaving quality connections in sharing and being received emphatically from the hearts.

    The main question served in the cafe is how are you? What is alive in your heart right now? 

   We believe this is a key question that is super worth diving into together. The well being  of each of us composes the whole. What comes up in the empathic exchange between two people is very much at the heart of NVC. Being present together with whatever comes is the greatest present: ).

Who can participate?

Anyone! People who registered for one of the Global NVC festival will already have access to the Cafe. If you have not taken part in any of our Global events. Sign up here for a FREE access ticket.

Want to join the holding team and be a giraffe?

See you there :)!

Next Empathy Cafe day to be announced





Your donation is welcome.

The Empathy Cafe is a volunteer based project.

To help keep this project going by supporting the hours of planning, advertising and development that take place between events, Please contribute any sum you can.

Thank you for your support.