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Every WEEKEND 'Play together'!

What is it?

We will screen every week a few chosen sessions from our festival library, to screen in different times and languages. To these screenings you can join and follow up the exercises in breakout rooms with other festival participants, live.


Festival days can be intense and full of information. Sometimes too much to take in at once. 

This new option of watching festival sessions together with other festival participants allows you to watch the sessions you missed and still be able to take advantage of practicing with live situations.

In addition to improved learning experience, this gives the wonderful option of staying in touch with our community while still being at home, giving more time to connect, not only during the festival.


When the time of screening comes, just login to our Echo-System (assuming you have a festival-ticket) and click on the icon of the chosen session!  


In your detected time-zone: Africa/Abidjan


More Play Times coming soon.

Do you want to make a specific screening happen? Let's do it.