Sarah Dekker and Nic Burnand

Sarah Dekker and Nic Burnand



We envision a world where all people have easy access to safe spaces where they can grow, heal and be nourished by connection.

Our workshops, coaching and retreats incorporate the most powerful methodologies we have found to support individuals to heal their wounds from the past and awaken to the life force that flows through them.



Nic Burnand was born in South Africa and currently lives in the North of Belgium. He has travelled the world, exploring different inner transformation and communication practices. His focus as a teacher and therapist is offering workshops and retreats to support people through deeply transformative inner journeys. He combines inner parts processes (IFS) and Unified Mindfulness with Nonviolent Communication to form a powerful trio that supports living more authentically and free.


Sarah Dekker is passionate about integrating Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with embodied spirituality. Her workshops offer ways to cultivate daily practices for living life fully and authentically, deeply grounded in compassion for one’s self and others. Sarah’s interest in individual and collective trauma healing has had her exploring Dyad meditation, Internal Family Systems, Mondo Zen, Gender Equity & Reconciliation training, Breathwork & Trauma Release Systems, Enneagram and other modalities.


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