Sabine Geiger

Sabine Geiger (Germany) Sabine Geiger has been leading workshops all over the world for 30 years, supporting people on their path to freedom and choice. Sabine came into contact with NVC in 1998 and started teaching soon after. As a certified trainer and assessor, she promotes a community-based certification approach. To Sabine, NVC is a journey of the Heart: ”When I crossed paths with Marshall Rosenberg in 1998, I was amazed. How could he describe my inner processes so accurately, without ever meeting me? The empathic, curious and open heart has always seemed natural to me. Discovering NVC and passing it on to others has immensely enriched my life.” Since Sabine recognized conflict as an invitation to learn more about others, restorative approaches have become an integral part of her teaching. Another focus of Sabine’s work is on community. We all live in one, so how about exploring ways to make them work? Sabine supports people to set up communities and make them flourish. Her passion? Tapping into the wisdom of the body. She follows the framework of the NVC process to explore body sensations and link them to feelings & needs. To Sabine, this is a never-ending journey. You are kindly invited to join. Sabine's website: