Judy Bleil Saruhan

With over 10 years of experience in Nonviolent Communication, Judy is one of six CNVC Certified Trainers in Turkey. While Judy offers workshops in English and Turkish to organisations, NGOs and private groups, she also leads yearlong, deepening and mentoring programs for individuals interested in developing their skills and those considering becoming certified. She also offers private one-on-one empathy sessions or empathic coaching to individuals who are looking for support, clarity, self-connection and concrete ways to make progress towards what matters to them most. Judy is a founding member for the Nonviolent Communication Association (Şiddetsiz Iletişim Derneği aka Si-Der) in Turkey. She is currently on the Board and focused on projects related to NVC in Education. She has been a presenter at the 2016 Changemakers in Education Summit organized by Ashoka Turkey and Another School is Possible Foundation (BBOM); as well as, a workshop leader at the 2017 Annual CEESA Educators Conference in Bulgaria. In 2018 she was part of the trainer team for the ”Participation and Peace in the Classroom” joint project between BBOM and Si-Der that was funded by the Sabancı Foundation and she co-led the “Life Enriching Education'' program with Vivet Alevi and Gizem Alav Şapçı. Continuing her ties and contribution to Ashoka Turkey and Another School is Possible Foundation (BBOM), in 2019 she was invited to be a guest speaker for another event called “Making Room For Feelings: in schools. Judy also enjoys working with trainers around the world to enrich NVC in Turkey. She collaborated with Sura Hart and colleagues in Turkey to realize the Turkish version of “The No Fault Zone” game; with Jean Morrison to offer “Grok-it” in Turkish; as well as, with Francois Beausoliel to share “The Blame Free State” in Turkey.