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Robert Maoz Kržišnik

A memoir

Robert Maoz Krzisnik knew from an early age that if his life was to be worth living, it was to be an adventure. Traumatized by childhood experiences and suffocated at home and at high school, he ran away aged 17 to Africa and began a series of journeys of exploration that has taken him to six continents and countless dimensions of internal experience. Never content to be a bystander, inquiring constantly after deeper meaning, Robert has climbed every mountain and plunged into every abyss that has opened before him, neither fearlessly nor with the security of a back-up plan, but with beating heart and a passion that simply could not say 'no' to life. His reckless enthusiasm makes for a page-turning roller-coaster ride of a life story, packed with hilarious and improbable events, bizarre circumstances and unforgettable characters. Robert takes us with him through deeply personal experiences of shame and joy, fear and determination as he finds his way through military service and into work as a transpersonal psychotherapist. Personal healing, human relationships, love, marriage, parenthood, birth and death are all here and are described with candour, humour and vulnerability. Interwoven throughout is a unique interior journey in search of ever-deeper connection with spirit, from childhood glimpses of other realities and dramatic experiences with mind-expanding drugs to searching for a guru in India and ultimately to integration into his life today as an internationally recognised trainer.


15.50 USD

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