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Say NO to xenophobia in Africa


Say NO to xenophobia in Africa

SAY NO TO XENOPHOBIA IN AFRICA is a project aiming at promoting unity, teamwork and compassion by using Nonviolent Communication as a tool in conflict resolution and peace promotion among refugees in Uganda. By starting in Nakivale refugee camp where the project is already established, we envision reaching other refugee communities to create awareness and spread the message of Say No to Xenophobia.
Nakivale refugees settlement is one of the biggest refugee camps in Uganda, located in western part of Uganda near the border of Tanzania. It hosts more than one hundred thousand refugees from 8 different countries (Somalia, democratic republic of Congo, Eritrea, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi , Ethiopian and host country.)

“NVC to me means creating self-esteem in communicating with others without judging them but rather understanding their needs and feelings. The main goal of this project is to conduct activities of Unity and this will enable participants to avoid this mindset of discrimination and live in harmony.”

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