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Project Asha


Project Asha

Project Asha (with enCOMPASSion - a PinPoint Ventures partner) is a Community Project built on the principles of Nonviolent Communication – empathy, collaboration, and connection – with a focus on grassroots realities. In the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown in India, communities of migrant workers and daily wagers are struggling to make ends meet. We work with communities of daily wagers in Delhi/NCR, India, and focus on building resilience through collaboration so that communities learn to assess their own needs, devise and implement their own solutions, and take responsibility for future generations. We step in as listeners, consultants, and supporters, to bring the community together, to help people identify their own problems and devise their own solutions, and facilitate the change they want to see with the community itself as the primary stakeholder.

“For me the inner work is as important as how one shows up in the world. In more practical ways, NVC has also helped me with de-escalating conflicts, connecting with people within the hierarchical systems, and holding the purpose as precious even in the face of difficult circumstances.”

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