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This projects creates a five days NVC training at Lazima Nipate Academy in Nsambya, Kampala Uganda bringing together 2 trainers and 18 participants from refugee communities (Congolese, Rwandese, Burundians, Sudanese, Somalia…) and Ugandans youth from some slams of Kampala.

The majority of those youth experienced war, violence, discrimination, rejection…in their countries and in the host country which lead them to hate one other, to communicate and live violently, to disconnect with themselves and others, considering others their enemies…

With this training we aim to see each one of our participants:

Able to connect to the needs of others even if he/she don´t like their behavior,
More clear about the basis of conflicts and search for the needs,
Able to know more about how to deal with anger and to keep an appreciative awareness,
Able to know what is alive in him and others and take care of both,
Able to know better how to contribute to more connection and cooperation,
Able to be honest without criticism, blame and judgment,
Taking responsibility for his well-being and his actions,
Aware of his choices,

Wana hear more or support?
you can reach this project via Whatsapp +256782675759

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