We will be slowly adding your most common questions here along the festival, so keep checking in!

Where can I find the recordings?

All festival recordings will appear in the "Library". Or you can also enter from here.

I want to be in the "non-talent" show!

Great! Here is a sign-up form.

How do I rename myself during a workshop?

See here a simple video tutorial.

How do I use the chat during a session on Zoom?

See here a simple video tutorial.

I can't enter sessions, something isn't working.

Do you have the latest Zoom installed?

I don't want to be recorded.

Please see here some options we have for you.

Are all sessions being recorded?

There are 3 workshops that will not be recorded, following the teacher's request. In case a session will not be recorded, it is visible in it's description on the schedule.

For how long the recordings will be available?

Each teacher has his/her own preference. All recordings will be available for a minimum duration of 2 months. Most are for 4-6 months and some for life!​