Some Tastes from Festival Sessions

Our Program includes workshops with over 30 NVC trainers and additional offerings within 14 spaces to engage, learn, connect and play.


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Azzam Talhami

An Opportunity to Release Your Trauma

Work with your trauma using NVC principles. Gain practices for self-connection and easier connection with others.

Camila Reyes (Colombia)

How to use NVC to Build Collective Power

We will explore how an awareness of NVC can reveal to us a path toward inner cohesion within the collective and diminish the power differences between social groups. I will share strategies to bring these tools in a way that can resonate in activist spaces and political contexts.

Camila Reyes (Colombia)

NVC: A Path to Liberate the Power of Love

We will explore the different points in human relationships where love can be blocked, and a variety of methods to re-open its path and liberate it in its full expression. In the session I will share several practical tools for recovering the inner strength that love provides.

Ceri Buckamster (UK)

The Shadow of NVC

Critiques of NVC are powerful inroads to exploring NVC’s shadow, and shadows often illuminate systemic issues. Realising there is feedback about systems in everything, and listening for the life and vitality in criticism is a helpful skill to strengthen your collaborations and build trust. Join me to explore 2 recent critiques of NVC, celebrate the life in them, and see how they can invigorate and sharpen your NVC awareness and practice. Please read both short articles before the session. (Skills: Receiving feedback, conflict support, seeing the yes behind a no)

Dunia Hategekimana (Rwanda)

Back to the basics
(Healing in 5 min)

Translating connection to touch the joy at the depth of life and hear the breath that binds all beings.

Franca Onyibor

Weaving Stories that Nurture and Build Peace

Would you like to use your NVC practice to:
- Proactively engage in peace building in bite-size steps that make lasting difference ?
- Learn how to grow in awareness of how the system we wish to transform also lives inside us ?
- Use the awareness of the above for healing and transformation ?
We welcome you to this exciting exploration !

Frank Gaslcher (Germany)


Do you judge yourself as "chaotic", "lazy", "silly" - or "judgmental"? Have these labels influenced you already for a long time by trying to avoid or hide them? Let's turn them into life-serving energy instead.

Hagit Lifshitz (Israel)

Resilience in crisis and traumatic situations: The "Basic PH model" and NVC in the service of our resilience, In times of pandemic.
"My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon"
~ Mizuta Masahide (17th century Japanese poet and Samurai)

Our lives were disrupted by the pandemic. Needs we know how to meet have been unexpectedly beyond our reach, other needs have emerged. We have been taken away from our safety zones and urged to go beyond.
How do we find our capacity to move forward and even thrive?

In this session we'll explore, experience, and discover the
- Specific challenges we face in the current pandemic
- Principal human strategies of resilience in times of crisis, i.e. The "Basic PH model"
- How to recognize and connect with our own automatic resilience strategy
- How to discover strategies that support us in moving forward
- Practicing a specific exercise that helps us go beyond

Irmtraud Kauschat (Germany)

(White) Fragility versus Empathic Responsibility

White fragility is a term developed by Robin DiAngelo in 2011 related to racism in the USA. It refers to reacting with guilt, shame, anger, fear, defensivenes, silence when white people witness discussions about racial inequality and injustice. I want us to extend the term to additional situations of inequality and injustice, like gender, education, class. We will explore together how we can use self-empathy to deal with the pain, listen with empathy to people who experience structural power-over dynamics, and take responsibilty for changing these oppressive structures.