Reena Ginwala

Reena Ginwala's journey with NVC started in 2006 when Marshall came to India for an IIT. Since then, she has learnt, practiced and shared NVC with many trainers. She grows her NVC muscle through community based events where the living NVC quotient is high. The motto she is guided by is - ''Énough of Survival, I Choose to Thrive.'' AND; in an inherently interdependent world, one cannot thrive unless all do! To that purpose she offers workshops and holds space for Empathy, Mourning, Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiveness. She is keen to support personal and group transformation that manifests as shifts from a sense of Scarcity to Abundance, Vulnerability as Courage, Presence driven engagement with Conflicts, so new reality may emerge; and Trusting the process with openness to Outcome ... She brings strength to the design from the Sufi wisdom of Kabir, Mindfulness based on Buddhist perspectives, Human Dynamics from Process Work and of course the guiding principles of Nonviolent Communication. She enjoys bringing tools and skills to a wide range of participants from all walks of life. Her most precious celebration is raising three daughters as a single parent. She is deeply satisfied and grateful for how they are engaging as change makers in the world while she builds her mission for Peace, Harmony, Inclusion and Social Change. Currently she has completed her pre-assessment and is looking forward to her final assessment as a CNVC certified trainer.