Patient Baraka

Patient Baraka

My name is Patient Baraka

i was born in Democratic Republic of Congo, on 15th september 1999,i grew up with my grandfather in slum where discrimination among nationalities was asource of unstability and insecurity in my area.

and i got motivated to join Non violent communication trainnings in 2018 with a purpose of peace building within communities with people from different backgrounds(country,skin colour, dialecte and physical appearence) since in the refugee community i am living in is composed by 8 different nationalities.

I am a social entrepreneur,life-coach,NVC facilitator at''Unleashed Potentials In Motion'' and one of the NVC activist in Uganda in one refugee community called Nakivale and we have set up an NVC innitiative called Baraza .


Baraza is a Kiswahili word meaning a public meeting, which is used as a platform for creating awareness, responding to issues affecting a given community, sharing vital information, providing citizens with the opportunity to identify and propose solutions to concerns.
In Baraza we conduct NVC training and workshop into different villages in the refugee community while spreading the nonviolent communication awareness of NVC activities into different refugee camps in Uganda with refugee youth, we also organizing NVC activities with different community based organizations and also creating gathering activities where host and refugee communities gather together and promote co-habitation.