Makiko Imai

Makiko met NVC when she was environmental activist and suffering with the enemy image she’ve created from own passion. She truly enjoyed NVC concept of "language of life” which enabled her embrace every aspects of life which opens up more chances to create connections. She found NVC as life-transformative experience and decided to committee herself to live & share its spirituality since then. She’s been enjoying building connection and creating collaborative projects with other NVC practitioner / trainers domestically and internationally. She is a graduate of Bay NVC Leadership Program 2017, and served as translator at Japan IIT 2017. In 2019, she initiated “Earth Empathy Project” with NVC trainer Liv Larsson, Dian Killian, and Jessica Vogt, with support of NVC Academy, to fund call for donation to environmental organization. She is invited to several universities to teach NVC as part of their Environmental Studies program. She is a member of NVC University project in Japan which offers year-long leadership program in Japanese. Together with Martha Lasley and Mari Sakai, she presented NVC - Authentic Facilitation- at IAF Asia conference in 2019. She is a master facilitator of NVC-based "Love Smart Cards" developed by Katrina Vaillancourt. Thanks to NVC spirituality, she enjoys so much gift she’s been receiving from life itself.