Franca Onyibor

Franca Onyibor is a CNVC-certified trainer from Nigeria. In 2018 she became the first African leader of an international group of Catholic Sisters called, ‘Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary’. Experiencing civil war in Nigeria, Franca moved from chanting war songs about killing the ‘enemy’ at age 10, to being a champion of nonviolence, supporting Muslims and Christians towards rebuilding communities of trust and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria. Franca has also been introducing NVC for social change in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ethiopia (e.g. coaching, leading with vulnerability, systemic approach, building support systems, enemy image work, forgiveness, decision-making processes, healing) and supports peace between members of her large family of origin. Her vision is to continue to persistently nurture a culture of care, partnership and empowerment within hers and other faith-based organizations.