Douglas Dolstad

Doug: Significant Life Influencers : · Wilderness of the Olympic Mountains from ages 2 -15 years for weeks at a time with student volunteers, our horses (plus Zorro the donkey) and my parents serving with the Student Conservation Program · Socially activist parents, always involved with some activity that served people and the planet · Living in Finland for a year at age 9, taking in the echoes of war and especially, visiting an SS concentration camp… asking “why?” · Music, Piano, flute, trumpet, guitar, voice…. Was headed for a career as a musician once upon a time…. · Murder of two very close women friends just out of high school, loss of innocence, an intensified quest for wholeness, living the word, “incomprehensible” · Sailing across the Pacific, living on a coral atoll, getting hepatitis · My children, their mother, our time together and the aftermath,,, loss of a dream and waking into a new one, It’s not the Truth, it is just the dream that dies…” · Barbara, NVC, a Love Story, “after the final NO! there is a Yes and on that yes the future of life depends” NVC has given me a treasured tool chest to better live the Rumi poem at the beginning of this bio. Many IIT’s, 15 years of NVC Family Camp at our farm.