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Blanchard Sibanza

Blanchard Sibanza

Blanchard Sibanza

NVC Supporter, , Activist, Facilitator and social entrepreneur in Uganda/Nakivale refugee settlement under "Unleashed Potentials in" and Baraza NVC Uganda.

Purpose: Using Compassionate Communication in a way of interacting and facilitating the flow of communication needed to resolve differences peacefully within the community by focusing on shared human values and needs, and encouraging the use of language that increases good will, and avoidance of language that contributes to resentment judgment, violence or lowered self-esteem.

Favorite quotation:"Always consider for what purpose you eat, sleep and do things" --Sun Myung Moon--

"We become the change we want to see" --Mahatma Gandhi

5. contact info:-e-mail:

-whatsApp: +256794158459/+256707485530

-facebook: Sibanza


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