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Notes on recordings for all NVC Rising Events

We would really like the festival to be a space in which we can all freely express ourselves and feel safe. At the same time, we are very committed to spreading NVC - a life-serving tool! - and are therefore keen to create recordings from each of the sessions that can be used later by festival participants for educational purposes. 

Full recordings are available only to festival participants and are not aired publicly anywhere else.


However, if you have concerns about this in terms of your personal safety or your freedom of expression, etc., we have some options for you:


1. Participate Using a Nickname. You can participate in the event under a nickname. In Zoom, click ”participants” on the menu at the bottom of the screen, find yourself on the list of participants on the right side and change your name by selecting the ”rename" button. You will have enough time to do this before we announce that we are starting to record.


2. Click "Stop Video". If you do not want others to see the image from your camera but you do not mind having your voice recorded then click "stop video" in the lower left corner of the screen. If you choose this option we highly recommend that you create a Zoom account prior to the event and add a profile picture/graphic of yourself, which will remain visible during the conversation, this helps other participants easily find you on the screen and sense your presence even though they don’t see you moving. 


3. Let us know after a recording has been made that you wish to be taken out of it and we will “edit” you out. More options are available such as: blurring your face and audio processing your voice so it is not recognizable. We take your request very seriously.


4. Share from yourself only in “breakout rooms” and not in the main workshop room. Breakout rooms are not being recorded.


5. Do Not Attend. If none of these options work for you, it is best for you to not attend this event, we understand and feel sad if you decide to go with this option.


Feedback from people about the recordings:


- "Having the recordings in the library is such a wonderful advantage for me, I can finally listen to teachers at my own pace and rhythm, taking-in all this very deep knowledge and wisdom that sometimes is too big to receive in a short 2-hour workshop. I can pause when I want to deeply tune into something important or take the time it needs to sink in me. I can stretch a 2 hour session over 2 days of integration. This is really meaningful for me".


- "There is so much information in a 2 hour class and I'm so happy to take the time to process all these gifts through having it recorded! I find myself watching the same sessions I have already participated in, just to be able to 'dive deeper...'".

Do you have any questions or want to know more? Contact us!

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