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As you 'enter the gate', or in reality  'login'  into the festival platform, you will notice we have created an entire ecosystem of options for you to be able to connect with others and enrich the festival experience. We are seeking to create a platform that enables real connection even with current limitations of screens.

Festival  ECHO-SYSTEM 


It’s time for change. The recent Pandemic and social, political, and economic havoc have only emphasised that change is called for, deeply needed, and also possible.

As activists and entrepreneurs who have all been practicing NVC for an extensive period of time, we have learned that it is so much easier to move powerfully together when we all speak and practice the language of NVC.

The NVC in Action Echo-System is a hub of interactions and spaces meant to support NVC practitioners (beginners to advanced and trainers all welcome!) who wish to use this practice to initiate social change action, and to allow change-makers and leaders to gain the support of the practice of NVC.


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• Community & Full Expression •

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• PractiCe & Learn NVC •

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• Direct non violent action •


• Self Care •

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• Networking & Exchange •

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*We are also happy to answer questions and receive suggestions, as feedback and collective input is essential for enhancing vibrant and life-supporting structures.

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