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The story for the forgetful sun

Noa Ilay-Shilo

A tale about friendship, compassion and the power of stories to carry us through dark places

It's a story within a story within a story
It's about a sun that's afraid to shine, as every morning when she wakes up she forget all that happened before, apart from her dreams - in which she travelles to the worlds of the stars.
As she rises into the sky without knowing why or where is she going, she is shaken to realise the stars are fading away in her light...
What could give her the faith to shine anyway?
The little green people, who are the care takers of the little details and the storytellers of their world, decide to send their best storyteller- king Zachary - to accompany her each morning through her darkest hour. Each morning with a new story..
This has been happening through many many mornings
But something new is about to happen soon.
הסיפור לשמש השכחנית - סיפור אגדה על האומץ להיות עצמך ועל האתגרים שבדרך (כמו למשל - איך ולמה כדאי לפגוש את מפלצות הפחד? האם ניתן להחלים ממחלת הגערת המדבקת?). על כוחם של חברות ושל סיפורים


30 USD

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