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Remembering What This Is

Robert Maoz Kržišnik

For over thirty-five years, Robert has seized every opportunity life has presented him with to explore the nature of reality and consciousness. The insights and learnings he has gained are offered here as a kind of ‘user’s manual’ for life: a reminder for the soul who has got lost in the world of appearances and ‘forgotten’ what this life is all about. Starting from the classic question of self-enquiry, "Who am I?", Robert guides the reader through a poetic exploration of what it actually means to be alive, here and now, in a body. The book addresses the spiritual seeker personally, and wears its metaphysical understanding lightly as it brings alive the mysterious wonder of the co-created universe and the surprising part we play in its ongoing manifestation. Warning: you may find yourself drawn into a state of expanded awareness in which time and space disappear and you become conscious of yourself as a living miracle, as a cosmic dancer!


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