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Kabir Saamagri Tool Kit

Reena Ginwala

A tool kit for personal exploration of the NVC concepts

A tool kit for personal exploration of the NVC concepts and processes in the context of the Sufi wisdom of the 15th century mystic weaver poet Kabir, from Central India
Description - 44 insight cards designed in Warli folk art with translations, reflection and inquiry, 1 Reflection journal, Folk music and 9 songs with translation booklet, a chart to match NVC concepts and processes with each insight card
Price INR 1400 to INR 2200 sliding scale to support needs for choice, sustainability and contribution

These products are created with the joy of exploring tool kits / resources that support personal and group explorations. Saamagri means resources or a toolkit in Sanskrit, the ancient India language. Some products are Nonviolent Communication resources and others are aesthetically designed to bring together the ancient Eastern Wisdom of the mystic weaver poet Kabir and Vivekananda in the environment of reflections with a possibility of exploring in the framework of NVC concepts and processes

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1800 INR

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