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Solar do Sentir Educação e Vida


Solar do Sentir Educação e Vida

We work with the local network for protection of the rights of children and adolescents on the implementation of public policies like called Serviço de Convivência e Fortalecimento de Vínculos (Coexistence and Bonding Service), supporting 100 children and adolescents in a community at social risk in the Federal District, Brazil. By integrating art and education, we provide a welcoming and safe environment for children and adolescents to express themselves, develop their creativity and curiosity to learn, and live childhood in spite of social challenges and violence. We are working to produce and share educational material that integrates the study of school disciplinary content with the coexistence and bonding approach through Nonviolent Communication. We want to have an impact on local educational indexes, which currently show a high school dropout rate and difficulty in keeping up with the pace of learning.

“My motivation is the smile of the children we shelter, it is the curiosity to learn things that I thought were difficult, it is the transformation of abusive and oppressive relationships, it is decision making through dialogue, it is the awareness of moments of irritation during a class and the fear of not generating a social impact. It is what encourages me to create the educational environment that I have always dreamed of and to live each moment as it presents itself.”

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