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Parenting Children with Special Needs


Parenting Children with Special Needs

NVC para padres y familias cuyos hijos tienen necesidades especiales

Parents of special needs children face a lot of challenges – accepting and mourning loss, guilt, isolation, stress, exhaustion, frustration/overwhelm, and confusion trying to understand the needs of their children. With NVC tools, we invite: would you like to learn self-empathy and compassion for yourself? Then, practice listening to your children with empathy? Would you like to learn how to connect from the heart even in difficult conversations? How to make clear requests that your children will be able to hear? Would you enjoy learning with other parents who face similar issues and get support from each other?

“NVC offers a paradigm shift for me – to live in this world with the intention to connect with others. I want to bring NVC to families with children with special needs so they can be part of a community of support, compassion, and be accompanied in their challenges. They as parents have needs too that can often get lost, and also need encouragement, to be seen and heard and empowered to advocate for their children.”

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