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Global festival

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LEARN from world-known NVC trainers from 5 different continents.

CONNECT with the community from all around the world.

ADDRESS the crisis and potential of this moment in history together.

And on top HAVE FUN And let your BODY AND HEART enjoy offerings of yoga, dance parties, story telling, art, open stage.

4 Days- Over 30 Teachers

May 29 to June 1, 2020

A video is worth more than...

evening giraffe price:  $135 / 124€ | SOLD OUT 


ANYONE can participate, it's online. This means that we can offer extra affordable prices and still have amazing teachers on board.

This is a wonderful opportunity! We donate 10% of the income to local NVC initiatives!


morning giraffe price:  $110  | SOLD OUT

Over 45 NVC live workshops from work-known teachers

Over 25 live energizing offerings that will nourish you as we connect online.

Don’t worry about missing a workshop, much of the learning content will be recorded and available for you on demand.

We invite you to listen, to speak up, and to act for change, self care, support. To bring your presence, to feel, to meet, to open, and to explore the needs that we all share. To find your honest, compassionate expression, moment by moment, and journey deeply in becoming a stand for what you wish to see in the world.

Azzam Talhami
Azzam Talhami is a Palestinian CNVC Certified Trainer, peace-builder, and mental health advocate. He has trained hundreds of people across the Middle East, Europe and the US in peace-building and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), including at the MidEast International Intensive Training in NVC in Beit Jalla, Palestine. Dedicated to supporting historically conflicting communities towards a just peace, he has trained the students at the Peace Engineers School in Ukraine in sustainable peace and NVC, in partnership with PAX, the Netherlands, with the support of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. Azzam founded the NVC Arabic Academy, leading in-person and online classes for Arabic-speaking journalists, psychologists, and aspiring peace-builders across the world, as well as creating programs that train international peace organizations, such as for forumZFD. Devoted to sharing the story of his people through the lens of compassion, his interests as a guest speaker and teacher include deepening the conversation around power and privilege. He has served as an on-camera political analyst, news correspondent, documentary filmmaker, journalist, translator, and war-zone photographer for many Palestinian, Israeli, Russian, and American media outlets. Among these, he has been a translator and Middle East journalist consultant for the AT&T Original Documentary The Volunteers, on Audience Network, as well as writer and reporter for Huffington Post Arabic and Ma’an News Agency.

As a means of self-expression, Azzam pours his heart and soul into writing poetry. One of his particularly compelling pieces, What Does Living Under the Occupation Mean? gained attention from peace activists around the world and was translated into English and Hebrew.
Kathleen Macferran
Kathleen Macferran
Certified Trainer and Assessor for the Center for Nonviolent Communication
Owner Strength of Connection in Seattle, WA
MMus in Conducting, Western Washington University; BA, Whitworth University

Kathleen holds a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. She is committed
to spending the rest of her days building a world where peace replaces violence,
love replaces hate, equity replaces inequity, and all people live meaningful lives. She
has worked as a Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication
(CNVC) since 2003, and as a CNVC Assessor since 2010 when she pioneered a
community-based path to certification. Community system building and conflict
transformation are passions of hers.
Kathleen has worked internationally with individuals, community groups,
businesses, schools, colleges, faith-based communities, hospitals, families, prison
inmates, and correctional and law enforcement employees. She serves as a trainer
for the Freedom Project of Seattle, WA, an organization that supports healing
connection and restorative communities both inside and outside prison through the
strategies of Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, racial equity and anti-
Kathleen offers trainings, facilitation, system building and mediation using practical
skills that lead to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones and our
communities. . Kathleen is the author of,and conductor for Giraffe Tales, a children’s CD setting stories to music. She is the conductor on multiple classical music recordings. Her website is where her two TEDx talks can be found.
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Festival trainers

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Camila Reyes

Camila Reyes is the initiator of Resuena: Comunicación que conecta vidas, an organization set out on a dream to expand Nonviolent Communication in Colombia so that it becomes part of the day-to-day culture. She is a certified trainer by The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) in the US. Camila is committed to building peace and strengthening trust and mutual support among human beings. She has led training programs, addressing the development of relational skills that are essential to comply with the humanitarian missions of the Disappeared Persons Search Unit (UBPD) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Colombia.