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Conflict Resolution Guide 

 (Inspired by the Trainer Candidate Community Path (TCCP) 

 In our NVC Global Rising Festival community, we recognise that people may experience conflict because conflict is a natural part of life. We wish to support conflict transformation through connection, co-creation and safety. This Menu of choices explains what options are available for the Festival Community should you experience conflict.


Are you experiencing interpersonal tension or conflict with someone? Perhaps you're hurt or angry or upset? 


Here are some ways that you can find support at the festival during these moments: 


Emergency Empathy: 

At any moment during the festival you can go to the Empathy Cafe to get support and assistance.


Self Care: 


• Self-Empathy: If you experience tension or conflict, you may practice self connection as a method of transforming pain you are experiencing.

• The Empathy Cafe: Come to the cafe and ask for a Flying Giraffe to offer you their empathic presence for the purpose of self connection.

• Emergent Requests: If you are experiencing pain or disconnect during the session you may also request support from the group via chat .


Supporting each other: 


• Empathic Presence: Anyone may invite any other member of the festival community to offer them empathic presence for the purpose of self connection, in the Empathy Cafe.


 • 1-on-1 Conversation: If both people are willing and confident in their ability to re establish connection with each other directly, they may do so by meeting each other in the Empathy Cafe.


Conflict Resolution Support: 

(To request support please contact our support team at with only the subject of CRT SUPPORT REQUEST and more info in the email body, and we will reply as soon as possible) 


 • Supported 1-on-1 Conversation: A member of our CRT support team will offer their presence as needed to support reconciliation, from silent witnessing to active mediation. Either of the two persons involved, or a third party, may invite such a conversation. 


• Group Process: When a person experiencing or impacted by a conflict sees it as necessary for multiple members of the community to be present to address the conflict, they may initiate a group process, such as a Restorative Circle, a sharing and listening circle, or a facilitated group dialogue. Participation in such a process is voluntary for all involved and will be held by one of our CRT support members. 


We offer this support with an intention to connect believing all Needs matter


Behaviour at the Festival:

Our Protocol for Safety, Trust and Inclusion:


If your words or actions are experienced as uncomfortable or hurtful by other participants, we will refer you to the Conflict Resolution Team in order to see if there are ways for you to transform the conflict together. 


If you have been invited to 2 or more mediations or a mediation and a group session by different parties, because 3 + people have continued to communicate their concerns about your actions to us, then we will ask you to leave this festival in order to protect the safety, learning and inclusion of others, and also to meet our needs for consideration, time and energy of our festival staff and volunteers.


We really do trust and hope that through the support of our Conflict Resolution Team, you will find ways to transform your conflicts within the festival and the above is a last resort that we hope to avoid through empathy, listening and shared responsibility. 

Interpersoal Tension
Conflict Resoluton Support
Behaviour bounderies in the Festiva
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